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Business introduction

Safety and service field

Autonomous driving system
AI technology utilization business

Equipped with autonomous driving technology such as environmental recognition and route generation

- AI-based sensor fusion processing technology using camera/lidar/vision processing processor
- Tracking technology that aligns camera information according to the user's movement direction

Robot control technology

- Equipped with robot control technology for path following

Outdoor environment recognition

- Recognition and classification technology for atypical environments
- Dynamic obstacle recognition technology

Fusion of composite navigation sensors

- Real-time path planning technology for dynamic obstacle avoidance
- Automatic topology map generation technology

IoT-based integration
monitoring system

Check robot status

Displays a summary of the overall status of the robot currently in operation.

Robot position confirmation

Display the robots currently in operation on the map.
Check device status
You can view the status of the main device for convenient checking.
An integrated ICT-based monitoring system allows you to manage autonomous robots easily and conveniently. Easy robot management and A/S applications are possible.