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Business introduction

Agriculture field

Small and medium-sized autonomous rover system for agriculture

AI Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation

Grape farm groove and obstacle recognition, area division by applying semantic segmentation -> Autonomous route travel possible

Autonomous driving pest control technology

- Increased productivity and efficiency
- Improvement of working environment

Alley/facility autonomous robot system


Small autonomous transport robot, medium autonomous transport robot
Pest control

Autonomous weeding robot, autonomous weeding robot

Route search and autonomous driving through alleys and facilities via AI. AI detects the battery, location, working status, etc., sends an emergency stop signal, and status information can be easily checked on the mobile APP.
Business shoes items

Development of agricultural support robot using AI vision processing fusion technology

Core application technology

AI vision processing and sensor fusion technology Following driving and autonomous driving technology

Consumer class

Farmers and agriculture-related government agencies (planned to expand into various industrial sectors)

Where to use

Alley fruit cultivation area or facility agricultural cultivation area (planned to expand into various industrial fields)