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Four startups from Gyeongnam showcased innovative technologies at CES 2024.


Four startups from Gyeongnam showcased innovative technologies at CES 2024.


Four Gyeongnam-based startup companies received joint research proposals and achieved $4 million in contract consultations at CES 2024.

On January 21st, the Gyeongnam Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Director Lee Dong-hyung, hereinafter referred to as Gyeongnam Creative Center) announced that four incubated companies participated in the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, CES 2024, held in Las Vegas, USA from January 9th to 12th. They received three innovation awards, engaged in $4 million worth of contract consultations, received four joint research proposals, and discussed attracting investments totaling $3.5 million.

The Gyeongnam Creative Economy Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as Gyeongnam Creative Center) has been supporting startup companies’ participation in CES since 2018, and this year supported booth participation and open IR pitching in the “K-STARTUP Integrated Pavilion” within the CES 2024 Venetian Expo Hall.

Four companies, including AgeRobotics Inc., Code of Nature Co., Ltd., Ziro Co., Ltd., and Kristin Company Co., Ltd., participated in the CES 2024 K-STARTUP Integrated Pavilion, showcasing their innovative technologies. These companies were selected as part of the 2022 and 2023 Startup Scale-up Package programs.

AgeRobotics Inc. (CEO Jo Kyung-sik), a company that provides autonomous driving and control systems for agriculture, defense industries, and safety services by integrating AI deep learning-based autonomous driving robot technology with ICT, introduced an AI autonomous farming robot system, conducting more than 30 export consultations and securing contract consultations totaling approximately $1 million.

Code of Nature Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Jae-hong) develops solutions to restore barren soil using “moss spore and artificial cultivation technology.” At CES 2024, they unveiled a kit called “MossV,” which uses moss spores to ecologically restore barren soil. Code of Nature, recognized for its innovative technology, received numerous joint research proposals and continues to engage in discussions on research collaborations in specialized fields such as desert research, pollution area research, and lunar soil research. They have also visualized achievements in attracting investments from global investment firms totaling $500,000.

Ziro Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jae-seok) assists companies and creators in video production with the mission of simplifying video production to help people worldwide successfully convey their stories. At CES, they presented a platform for video production companies called “Dudum” and a stock platform called “DropShot Stock,” which allows the use of Asian video sources without copyright issues. They conducted contract consultations worth $3.05 million and are currently in discussions for investment consultations totaling $3 million. Ziro also received pre-orders for video shooting from more than 50 participating companies at the CES exhibition.

Kristin Company Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Min-bong), selected as a startup scale-up package company in 2022, leads the transformation of the offline-centered footwear industry into an innovative industry through digital convergence. They introduced the smart shoe manufacturing solution “SINPLE,” which builds a supply chain infrastructure by connecting brands and manufacturing plants using big data and AI technology. Collaboration discussions with domestic and international conglomerates and globally renowned agencies took place at CES.

CEO Lee Min-bong stated, “Through CES 2024, we laid the groundwork for the global market entry of the smart shoe manufacturing solution SINPLE. We were able to identify the needs for SINPLE services not only in the domestic market but also in overseas markets.”

Additionally, among the startup scale-up package companies in 2023, GS F System Co., Ltd. (CEO Seo Min-sung) and SHECO Co., Ltd. (CEO Kwon Ki-sung) were honored with CES Innovation Awards.

Lee Dong-hyung, Director of the Gyeongnam Creative Economy Innovation Center, said, “We reaffirmed the technological capabilities and global competitiveness of our companies at CES, the world’s largest information technology exhibition where only companies with innovative technologies can participate.” He added, “Our center will spare no effort to support companies’ global market entry and achievement through various support programs such as the Startup Scale-up Package.”

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