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AG Robotics unveiled autonomous pest control robots at the ‘2023 International Agricultural Expo’.


AG Robotics unveiled autonomous pest control robots at the '2023 International Agricultural Expo'.


Gyeongnam Creative Economy Innovation Center (Director Lee Dong-hyung) announced that the startup company, “AG Robotics Co., Ltd. (CEO Jo Kyung-sik),” based in Gyeongnam, participated as a demonstration exhibitor at the “2023 International Agricultural Expo,” showcasing agricultural pest control robots incorporating autonomous driving technology.

AG Robotics Co., Ltd. is currently participating in a business support program for promising technology startups as part of the 2023 Startup Leap Package. This program aims to provide support and foster startups with promising technology-based items, with a business history ranging from 3 to 7 years, by providing financial support for business model development and product/service enhancement to overcome the startup valley and achieve further growth.

AG Robotics Co., Ltd. (CEO Jo Kyung-sik) specializes in creating agricultural robots capable of autonomous driving in farmland by integrating AI deep learning and ICT technologies. CEO Jo, who previously worked in the robot development department of a defense company, founded the company to address the shortage of labor in rural areas with agricultural robots. With a team experienced in unmanned systems in the defense industry, they utilize robot engineering and deep learning technologies to lead new changes in various industries. Currently, their pest control and transport robots have been developed and are receiving significant attention from farmers for being more affordable and having advanced features compared to existing products on the market.

Especially at this International Agricultural Expo, AG Robotics Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the seven outstanding companies and granted participation eligibility for the demonstration. The demonstration of autonomous pest control robots equipped with an AI-based autonomous driving integrated control system received significant attention. Moreover, discussions with venture capital investors regarding investment-related consultations have taken place, with follow-up meetings underway.

CEO Jo Kyung-sik stated, “Rather than producing many robots, I want to create one intelligent robot and supply it. Through the support of the Startup Leap Package, we aim to enhance the ICT-based operation system. Currently, we have implemented pest control and transportation technologies, but we are also developing additional functions such as weeding and harvesting, which can be utilized as modular features. We will expand the development of autonomous driving agricultural robots not only in agriculture but also in industrial sites and defense industries to facilitate safer operations.“

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