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‘ABC Circle’, grand prize winner of ‘2021 Agri-food Startup Contest’


‘ABC Circle’ selected as the grand prize winner of the agricultural and food startup contestDevelopment of 10-minute soil disease diagnostic kit


“At the ‘2021 Agricultural and Food Entrepreneurship Contest’ held by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, ‘ABC Circle Co., Ltd.’, which developed a soil disease diagnostic kit, received the grand prize.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced on the 16th that it held a final event for the agricultural and food startup contest on the 15th and selected a total of 10 winners, including the grand prize, grand prize, and excellence prize.


The agri-food startup contest, now in its seventh year, discovers and promotes entrepreneurs based on excellent technologies and ideas in the agri-food sector and provides opportunities for attracting investment.”


“This year, 474 teams applied in various fields such as smart farm and green bio, showing a high competition rate.


The grand prize (Presidential Award, 50 million won) was awarded to ABC Circle, which developed a diagnostic kit that can identify soil diseases within 10 minutes at crop cultivation sites.


ABC Circle, which received the Presidential Award Grand Prize (prize prize of 50 million won), developed a diagnostic kit that can identify soil diseases within 10 minutes at crop cultivation sites. Previously, diagnosing soil diseases required referral to an institution equipped with analytical equipment. It took 1-2 weeks and cost about 200,000 won. ABC Circle’s diagnostic kit costs 15,000 won and allows diagnosis in 10 minutes, dramatically reducing time and cost.”

CEO Park In-seo said, “We expect that farmer satisfaction will improve by quickly and accurately diagnosing soil diseases in the field,” and added, “It will be helpful in innovative agricultural production activities, especially in developing countries where there is a shortage of soil disease diagnosis experts.”


The grand prize (Prime Minister’s Award, 20 million won) was awarded to ‘Rapique Co., Ltd.’, which produces functional cosmetics raw materials using beer by-products. Rafique developed a scrub raw material using the outer fiber layer of brewer’s spent water, and identified skin safety, whitening, and antioxidant effects. In addition, beer waste was registered as a cosmetic raw material and a related patent was applied.


The Minister’s Award for Excellence (KRW 10 million) was awarded to ‘Crabble Co., Ltd.’ and ‘Pense Co., Ltd.’ Crabble has developed its own telematics devices that can be installed on agricultural machinery and applications for individual customers and maintenance centers, helping to enable rapid maintenance and management of agricultural machinery. Pensée has developed technology to produce cultured meat products in the form of lean meat based on bioprinting.


“In addition, six teams were selected as winners: AMB Lab, Roots Lab, AL Networks, Odyssey Global, AG Robotics, and Youngin Bio.


In addition to prize money and awards, the winning team can receive support from government business connections and sponsorship programs from large corporations.”


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